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Lutheran Medical Center's interdisciplinary Stroke Center, led by Salman Azhar, M.D., is aggressively identifying, targeting and providing stroke treatment and stroke rehabilitation services. Our three-pronged approach includes rapid assessment, immediate intervention and comprehensive rehabilitation. Because of its advances in stroke care and recovery, the New York State Department of Health has named Lutheran a designated regional Stroke Center. Most recently, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) has designated Lutheran as a Primary Stroke Center. The certification demonstrates that the Stroke Center meets JCAHO's rigorous standards and performance measurements in caring for stroke patients.

The Stroke Center offers many amenities including four monitored patient beds and a staff of specialized nurses. Staff use the latest advancements in stroke care, including cooling therapy to preserve and improve brain recovery. Lutheran's exceptional stroke care includes both the technology and the expertise to dissolve clots right in the brain.

Actively involved in acute-stroke and stroke-prevention awareness and research, Lutheran has consistently been on the cutting edge of new developments in caring for stroke. The Stroke Center was one of the first in the area to provide invaluable data to support the Brain Attack Coalition's new national guidelines for stroke care. As a member of New York State's early stroke research programs, Lutheran has helped to identify those who are most at risk and has pioneered methods and standards like diet modification, medications, carotid surgery and stenting to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of stroke.

Life after a stroke can be difficult, that's why Lutheran's interdisciplinary approach to treatment includes efforts to improve total quality of life. The stroke team is committed to helping patients deal with the many lingering effects of stroke such as depression, pain and paralysis. By offering the latest neurological rehabilitation exercise techniques, treadmill suspension therapy, acupuncture, spasticity management, Botox injections and vestibular therapy, Lutheran helps patients, even those who had strokes many years ago, regain lost mobility and function. Click on "Find a Physician" to make an appointment with one of our stroke specialists.

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