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Lutheran HealthCare Rehabilitation Services offers one of the most comprehensive therapeutic programs available in the New York City region. Our three-tiered approach offers three distinct levels of care that include inpatient rehabilitation, short- and long-term sub acute care, and three outpatient facilities. Each site provides a specific level of care designed to fit the individual needs of every patient at every stage of the rehabilitation process. Patients suffering with challenges due to stroke, arthritis, joint replacement, and trauma from accidents, hip fracture, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury, and cardiac conditions, and other post hospitalization complications will find comprehensive programs at Lutheran. We partner with you to customize a treatment plan designed to improve your quality of life. Your physician and rehabilitation therapist will follow your progress through every step of recovery.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

This specialized unit at Lutheran Medical Center is a Federally designated and accredited Medicare/Medicaid inpatient facility providing the highest level of rehabilitative care available. While most hospital programs offer a quick therapy visit at the bedside, Lutheran's inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) offers an intense three hour daily therapy program. In fact, many patients transfer to Lutheran's inpatient rehabilitation facility from other hospitals because of its innovative and aggressive therapy regimens. This often means a faster recovery process. Lutheran's innovative and advanced technologies for rehabilitation are provided by highly trained, dedicated and friendly staff that make you and your family's needs a priority.

Sub Acute Rehabilitation

When further rehabilitation is needed after hospitalization,Lutheran Augustana Center for Extended Care and Rehabilitation provides sub acute care that is conveniently located directly across the street from Lutheran Medical Center. Physicians and rehabilitation therapists continue to follow their patients at Augustana ensuring no interruption of care and the transfer process is quick and efficient simply taking patients over a bridge that connects the two facilities.

The latest technologies and equipment At Augustana include a simulated studio apartment equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and other at home challenges to help you improve the skills you will need to function independently. Additionally, an outdoor garden with steps, curbs, ramps and rails help train patients to easily navigate through the outside world.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Lutheran has three outpatient sites offered through the Lutheran Family Health Centers network located throughout southwest Brooklyn. Each site offers highly trained, fully licensed physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists and audiologist who design individual therapy programs using the latest equipment and therapies. Lutheran's outpatient programs offer a wide range of services including audiology, developmental/early interventional screenings for children, physical and occupational therapies, pre-/post-pregnancy rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation and vestibular (dizziness) dysfunction. In addition, Lutheran has a Wellness Program for patients who have completed their rehabilitation but wish to continue making improvements to their quality of life.

Stroke Rehabilitation - A Center of Excellence

Life after stroke is difficult, that's why Lutheran HealthCare Rehabilitation Services offers a coordinated approach to treating this life altering condition at every Lutheran rehabilitation site and at each level of care.

Treatments for disabilities caused by stroke include innovative protocols including Botox injections, baclofen pumps to reduce muscle spasm and spasticity, vestibular therapy for dizziness, acupuncture for pain, electrical stimulation for paralyzed muscles, exercise programs to regain the ability to walk, speech therapy and more.

Most importantly, treatments are focused on patients who have had a recent stroke as well as those who have suffered from stroke-related disabilities for years. With Lutheran's "Re-train the Brain" stroke recovery program many long-suffering patients can regain long lost mobility and function. Lutheran's multi-disciplinary stroke team specializes in treating the lingering effects of stroke such as depression, pain and paralysis.

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Our goal is to work with you to improve your quality of life - to get back to do the things you love!

Rehabilitation Programs Include:


                                Cardiac Rehabilitation                                   Neuropsychology Services

                                       Bladder Control                                                Vestibular Therapy


                 Physical Therapy After Breast Surgery


Inpatient Rehabilitation

Lutheran Medical Center
150 55th Street - 3rd floor, 3-06
Brooklyn, New York 11220

Sub Acute Rehabilitation

Lutheran Augustana Center for Extended Care and Rehabilitation
5434 Second Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11220

Outpatient Rehabilitation Network locations:

Lutheran Medical Center
150 55th Street - 3rd floor, 3-06
Brooklyn, New York 11220

Lutheran Rehabilitation Network at 60th Street
230 60th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11220
Telephone 718-439-5600

Lutheran Rehabilitation Network at Shore Road
9000 Shore Road, East Building, Lower Level
Brooklyn, New York 11209
Telephone 718-921-2945

Lutheran Rehabilitation Network at 7th Avenue
5008 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11220
Telephone 718-210-1101
Fax 718-871-0969



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