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Being diagnosed with a brain tumor can be a confusing and difficult time. For most people, having a brain tumor raises a lot of questions about what to do, where to go, and how to find the most comprehensive care.

The specialists of Lutheran Medical Center are here to help. From diagnosis through treatment, our experienced, concerned team of experts specializing in the comprehensive treatment of brain tumors and can offer a full range of options.

Lutheran Now Offers the First and Only Frameless Radiation Treatment in Brooklyn

Lutheran is pleased to offer another level of comfort for those patients needing head and
neck radiation therapy – a frameless non-invasive localization and fixation system for cranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) as well as radiation therapy of the head and neck area.
SRS is a highly accurate form of radiation therapy used to treat brain tumors and cancer.

Key Benefits Include:

  • A system that stabilizes the
    head during treatment that uses
    a painless suction device rather
    than invasive techniques attached
    to the cranium.
  • Shorter set up and treatment sessions.
  • An open device that makes the
    patient more comfortable and is
    better suited for those suffering
    with claustrophobia

To read more about Framless Stereotactic Radiosugery at Lutheran (Click Here)


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