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"Our smallest patients are our biggest concern."

The Department of Pediatrics cares for infants and children in a very special way. The department shares the world-class resources of the Emergency Department, Radiology Department, Surgical Intensive Care Unit, and the network of Lutheran Family Health Centers throughout Brooklyn.

For babies and children in the hospital, Lutheran Medical Center offers a cheerful inpatient unit.

Full term healthy babies born at Lutheran Medical Center stay in our busy nursery for only a few days. Much of the time, baby and mother will remain together in the mother's room. For babies born prematurely or too small, or who have infections, breathing difficulty, or seizures, Lutheran Medical Center has the expertise and modern technology to give these small patients the extra care and attention they need.

If a child is sick and needs hospitalization, Lutheran Medical Center's pediatric inpatient unit is a positive, cheerful place to stay. Being in the hospital can be stressful, difficult and sometimes painful. Lutheran provides numerous distractions through art and music therapy, games and toys. Our dedicated team of nurses, doctors, social workers, art therapists and other staff work with families to help their children recover as quickly as possible. Lutheran encourages families to ask questions, inform us of changes they see in their child and tell us of their concerns. We welcome families' input! Click on "Find a Physician" to make an appointment with one of our pediatricians.

Manzur Sheikh, M.D., Director of Pediatrics



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