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When serious illness strikes, patients and their families must choose among many diagnostic and treatment options. Lutheran Medical Center's Cancer Care Program offers the very latest technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our highly trained cancer specialists can provide the information and guidance needed to make informed choices.

Lutheran's team of cancer care specialists is among the most highly qualified in the country in all major specialties. They are exceptionally equipped to provide patients with the latest, most effective and least invasive cancer treatments. Our newest division of laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery treats many abdominal and urological cancers utilizing the most advanced surgical techniques.

Our comprehensive cancer care team includes physicians, specialists, radiologists, physical therapists, pain management specialists, psychologists and social workers. Working together, they provide a broad continuum of care, ensuring the best possible results for their patients. Members of Lutheran's cancer care team attend regular conferences in which the management and treatment of each patient is discussed and appropriate recommendations are made. Lutheran Medical Center offers cancer care in the following areas:

Ambulatory Oncology
Gynecological Oncology
Laparoscopic Surgery
Radiation Oncology
Surgical Oncology

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Audrey Saitta, M.D., Chair of Radiation Oncology



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