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Wendy Z. Goldstein Responds to NAUH's Study on “Future Medicare Cuts and Hospital Job Losses”

I write to you today on behalf of the thousands of employees in the health care field who are at risk of losing their jobs. A recent study by the National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH) titled "Future Medicare Cuts and Hospital Job Losses" analyzed the potential impact of proposed Medicare cuts on hospital employment and concluded that between the proposed cuts in Medicare payments through the Affordable Health Care Act, and further cuts currently under consideration by the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction that more than 130,000 jobs could be at stake – over 9,000 of them right here in the New York metropolitan region. Additionally and even more compelling, NAUH's study found that private, non-profit urban safety net hospitals could bear more than 40 percent of this potential job loss – a highly disproportionate burden placed on safety net hospitals such as Lutheran Medical Center (Lutheran).

Click here to download a PDF of the "Future Medicare Cuts and Hospital Job Losses" study.

As one of the largest non-profit safety net hospitals in New York City, not only would Lutheran's employees be directly impacted by these cuts, but our community would suffer by limiting access to quality care – already a scarce resource for many we serve. While unemployment is reaching its highest levels in years, now is not the time to take away jobs, let alone create an even greater problem of impacting the already fragile quality of life for New York's vulnerable populations.

Many hospitals in New York, and across the nation, are in financial jeopardy, and the odds against safety net hospitals are stacked even higher. Lutheran has already endured $20 million in cuts in just the past three years, and has trimmed an additional $8.5 million in 2011 – so far. At Lutheran, we believe that a hospital is not a collection of buildings, machines and beds, but a staff of talented, creative and committed people who serve the community as they are needed so I ask that you help us continue serving the Brooklyn population to the best of our ability by saving critical and necessary jobs for the health and safety of our community.

Since its initial release, the study has evoked positive response. Click here for more detail.

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