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Sunset Park Promise Neighborhood

Promise Neighborhoods
An initiative of the U.S. Department of Education

The goal of Promise Neighborhoods is that all children in the community have good schools and strong systems of family and community support. This will help children attend college and find good jobs.

Promise Neighborhoods is inspired by a project called the Harlem Children's Zone— a way of bringing a community together to change the lives of children. It focuses on educational, health, and community programs. The Harlem Children's Zone believes that, for children to do well, families have to do well. And for families to do well, communities must  do well.

Promise Neighborhoods, like the Harlem Children's Zone, uses the following ideas:

1. Serve an entire neighborhood

2. Ensure that children are supported at every stage of development, from when they are babies to when they are adults

3. Build relationships between people who live in the community and organizations in the community

4. Continuously work to make the program better

5. Achieve success through passion, accountability, leadership, and teamwork

Large circles indicate U.S. Dept. of Education
Promise Neighborhood grantees; small circles
indicate nongrant funded Promise Neighborhoods. 

Large In 2010, the U.S. Department of Education awarded $10 million to 21 organizations for Promise Neighborhood planning grants. Planning grants will help organizations create a plan to:

• Ensure children succeed in and out of the classroom

• Create a college-going culture

• Find out which programs work and build on their success

• Partner with existing neighborhood organizations and local government to fill gaps in services

• Evaluate and measure progress within the Promise Neighborhood

About the Sunset Park Promise Neighborhood
Datsource: New York City Department of City
Planning; 2006/2008 American Consumer
Survey. Produced for Lutheran Family Health
Centers, November 2010 by Center
for the Study of Brooklyn

The goal of Promise Neighborhoods is that all children in the community have strong schools and strong systems of family and community support. In a Promise Neighborhood, children are well educated and able to move successfully through college into careers.

In Sunset Park, we will work with residents and local organizations to create a plan that proposes supports and services to help children from birth to adulthood. We will meet and talk with residents to identify and understand community strengths and needs and to develop ideas for solutions.

Our Promise Neighborhood planning project will work in the 50-block area between First and Sixth Avenues and 33rd and 43rd Streets.

Current Partners:
Arab American Association of NY
Bay Ridge Food Coop
Brooklyn Community Board 7
Brooklyn College
Brooklyn Community Foundation
Catholic Charities Neighborhood Services
Center for Family Life
Center for the Study of Brooklyn
Children of the City
Fifth Avenue Committee
Fresh Air Fund
La Unión
LISC New York City
Literacy Inc.
Lutheran Family Health Centers
Manhattan New Music Project
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
P.S. 24
Red Hook Community Justice Center
Sunset Bay Community Services
Sunset Park Alliance for Youth
Sunset Park High School
Workforce Innovations Fund
Young Dancers in Repertory Inc.

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