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Lutheran’s Chief Nursing Officer Explains Social Media for Nurse Managers

If you thought social media was just for kids, think again. The intensity and pervasiveness of social media and the cyber world can't be ignored. With four generations of nursing staff—from the youngest staff members the millennials, who've rarely been without instant connectivity to information and communication, to the baby boomers—social media can and must be used successfully by nurse managers or we risk becoming the dreaded "dinosaur" and possibly even inadequate leaders.

Rosanne Raso, R.N., SVP for Nursing Services, explains social media benefits and implications for nurse managers in the Journal of Nursing Management. The article provides a great overview for any manager. "As nurse managers," she explains, "we should stay connected and that now includes social media and web 2.0 technology."

See the full journal article in the Journal of Nursing Management or click here:

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