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Brooklyn's largest school health program provides convenient on-site health care services

August 27, 2007, Brooklyn, New York… The Lutheran Family Health Centers are gearing up for the start of the school year. Recognizing that going back to school can be both an exciting and stressful experience for children, families and caregivers, Lutheran has offered up some tips to make the transition a smooth one.

From common issues like back to school butterflies, how to manage a child's asthma, allergies or learning how to avoid colds, the Lutheran Family Health Centers are here to help. Here are five quick tips:

  • Immunizations: Make sure that immunizations are up to date. The Tdap vaccine is now required for all students entering the sixth grade or who are 11 and older. The vaccine is available at all of the Lutheran Family Health Centers' sites. Call your child's school before registration day to find out what paperwork will be required. For a listing Lutheran locations visit
  • Physicals: The Park Slope Family Health Center is offering immediate appointments for back to school physicals and extended hours. To find out more about how you can receive immunizations, hearing and vision tests, and dental exams please call 718-832-5980. 
  • School Health: Get to know your school nurse. The Lutheran Family Health Centers School Health Program provides comprehensive medical, mental health and dental services in several Brooklyn schools. A team of nurse practitioners, pediatricians, mental health providers, dental professionals, and medical assistants are available during normal school hours. Learn more about your school's on-site health clinic by calling the Lutheran Family Health Center's School Health Program at 718-630-8758.
  • Bus Stop Safety: It's important that children stand on the sidewalk until the bus stops. Remind them to look both ways before crossing the street and to remain in clear view of the driver. They should wear their seatbelts and walk home in pairs or a group. 
  • Breakfast: Start each day with breakfast. By skipping that morning meal a child's blood sugar level will drop, making it difficult for them to concentrate in the classroom. Many schools serve breakfast as well.

Lutheran Family Health Centers' long-time partner, Health Plus, provides free and affordable managed health insurance plans for children, adults and families throughout New York City. As a convenience to patients, a Health Plus and Child Health Plus specialist is available at each of the Lutheran Family Health Centers.

The Lutheran Family Health Centers (LFHC), based in Sunset Park, is a federally qualified community-based ambulatory health care system affiliated with Lutheran HealthCare. Governed by the Sunset Park Health Council, Inc., and serving southwest Brooklyn, LFHC is one of the largest health center networks in the country. With nine full-time community health centers, eight medical partnerships, 14 school-based health centers and community programs, including three WIC programs, adult and family literacy programs, three child care centers and a family wellness center, the network has served as Brooklyn's medical home for more than 40 years.

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