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AIDS Pathology [EC Klatt]

Atlas of Medical Parasitology - Univ. of Torino (IT)

CELLS alive! [JA Sullivan]

The Immune System, with a few Illustrations [P Bugl] - Univ of Hartford (US)

Infectious Disease Images [free registration required] - PartnerS (US)

Medical Mycology image library [J Weber] - Univ of Wisconsin Madison (US)

Mycology Image Gallery - Mount Sinai Hosp./MicroWeb (CA)

Microscopy movies - Microscopy-UK

Parasite Image Library - CDC/DPD (US)


Virus Image (Electron Micrographs) Archive at Univ of Glasgow (UK)

Virus Picture Gallery ICTV - via NCBI/NLM (US)

Virus Ultrastructure [L Stannard] - Univ. of Cape Town (ZA)



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