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Dozens of dermatological images, courtesy of Loyola University, Chicago.

DermAtlas (Dermatology Image Atlas)
Dermatlas is made available by Johns Hopkins University. There are currently over 4,900 images submitted by more than 180 contributors in the database. Users can search by categories, diagnoses, or body sites. Images are copyrighted by Dermatlas, but may be used freely for teaching purposes. Please review restrictions on use.

Dermatology picture atlas and image database with over 9000 high quality images of skin disease. It is an educational resource for medical professionals. It is designed for rapid access so that a number of images can be viewed simultaneously. Pictures are sized to fit into Powerpoint presentations.


Over 4000 images of dermatological conditions that can be accessed by alphabetic list, or by region of the body affected. Also provides access to PeDOIA, with over 2000 images of pediatric dermatological conditions.



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