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This is an alphabetical title list of journals in full text for which Health Sciences Library made arrangements for online use or free of charge. Access to these titles may vary depending on publishers' policies, library print subscriptions, and technological and financial considerations. Please remember that year access is vary depending on the publisher and is available to all computers connected to Luthean Medical Center network.

Almost all of the e-journals and databases that the library makes available through its web site have restrictions on use and access that are specified in the licensing agreements signed by the library and the respective publishers and vendors. Licenses vary from resource to resource but, in general, the following terms apply: Please check the library catalog for holding and restriction info.

Access to the electronic resources is limited to current staff and other authorized users.

Access to some resources may be limited to Lutheran HealthCare network only. Users of these resources must
abide by existing copyright legislation including fair use and library use.

It is prohibited to systematically download or programmatically copy articles and other information obtained from
electronic resources.

It is prohibited to republish in print or electronic form.

It is prohibited to alter, abridge, adapt or modify the licensed materials without permission.

Articles may not be downloaded in aggregate quantities or centrally stored for later retrieval.

Resources may not be used for commercial purposes, such as bulk reproduction or distribution.

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