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Customer Satisfaction Survey
Let us know what you think
Our library staff wants to meet your needs. This survey is intended to gain your overall impression of the Library. If you every have any specific questions about library services, material, or online resources, please ask at the service desk. Please take a moment to answer these questions and let us know how we are doing.
1. Are you a
2. How satisfied are you with our library services?
Do you have some ideas on how to improve the services
3. How helpful is our staff?
4. How satisfied are you with the library hours?
If not, what hours do you want us to work?
5. How often do you visit the Library or call for information?
6. How often do you ask a library staff member for help?
7. Would you like the Library to offer additional library materials?
Please provide TITLE of books, journals, or AVs, CDs, etc:



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