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Subheading The Library supports Lutheran Medical Center's mission to improve patient care, support research, and enhance education. We select, acquire and provide relevant scientific and medical information. Successfully developing an extensive digital library while maintaining the integrity of out print (serial and monographic) and audiovisual collections provides evidence of our commitment to excellence. We are an active participant in several national and regional library networks, such as the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, a program of the National Library of Medicine, METRO, and BQSI/MB. This network connects most medical libraries and the healthcare professionals who work at their institutions via the DOCLINE system. We are committed to outstanding service and to implementing innovations that meet the needs of our users.

The Health Sciences Library is located on the main floor of the hospital, Station 17.


Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm

The Library is closed on:
1. New Year's Day
2. Martin Luther King's Birthday
3. President's Day / Washington's Birthday
4. Good Friday
5. Memorial Day
6. Independence Day
7. Labor Day
8. Thanksgiving Day
9. Christmas Day

Library Staff
Irina Meyman, Director
Irina holds a Masters Degree in Library and Information Sciences.

Ida Klimov, Library Assistant
Ida holds a B.A. in Library Sciences. She has been with Lutheran Medical Center since 1993.

Sasha Ostrovsky, Library Assistant
Sasha holds M.D. degree. She started to work at Lutheran in 2006.

Any employee of Lutheran HealthCare, physician, resident, student or other individual who displays a current identification badge may use the Library.

The scope of the core collection includes the clinical and basic biomedical sciences, social work, nursing, dentistry, rehabilitation services and pharmacy. The collection consists of books, journals, audio, video, CDs, slides, and audiovisual equipment. Materials are collected in English language. Books are arranged according to the National Library of Medicine classification system. Journals are arranged in alphabetical order by title.

Borrowing Policy
Registration in the library is required. Reference, reserve books and journals do not circulate outside of the library. Circulation period is two weeks. You may renew once books but not audio or video materials. Reserve materials are kept at the circulation desk and can be used only in the library if your hospital ID is left at the circulation desk. Borrowers are responsible for library materials until they are checked in at circulation desk. The library is not responsible for notifying borrowers that materials are overdue.

Returning Library Materials
All library materials should be return to the circulation desk from which they were checked out. Please remember that borrowed library materials remain your responsibility until they are received and checked in at the circulation desk. If you are out of town, avoid late charges by sending the library materials via US mail to:
Health Sciences Library
Station 17
Lutheran Medical Center
150 55th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Borrowers are responsible for any loss of materials. Overdue materials accumulate a fee of 25 cents a day for one month. Thereafter, the person will be charged for the cost of the library material. Patrons who owe any amount in library fines and
fees will be denied borrowing privileges until payment is received.

Damaged Material Charges
Repair (material which can be repaired ) - $10.00

Replacement (charge for material too badly damaged to be repaired) - $25.00 processing fee
+ replacement cost of item
+ overdue charge if applicable

There are 15 PCs available in the library. 6 of them have DSL connection that allows use of external email services. The wireless access is also available at the library. To use it just bring your laptop or PDA with a wireless networking card to the library. Open your Internet browser. The wireless card should detect the signal immediately. Choose LHSD network. Ask library staff about username/password. The library provides head phones for patrons convenience to be used in the library.

Literature Searches
Library Information Services professional may perform a literature search for medical students, residents, and staff. To request this service you need to fill out a search request form available online or in print format available at the circulation desk.

Copying and Printing Services
The copy machine is available for copying library materials only with a limit of 30 pages. No multiple copying is allowed. There is a 10 cents charge for copying  materials not belonging to the LMC library.

There are 3 printers available for patron use. No multiple printing is allowed.

The Library does NOT provide Drop & Copy-Print Services due to the library staff limitation. You must copy or print available library materials by yourself.

Interlibrary Loans
Materials unavailable at the library can be obtained from other libraries through interlibrary loan services. Interlibrary Loan forms are available in print format at the Circulation Desk or online. There is a limit of 10 requests per month.

Food and Drink Policy
No food is permitted in the Library. We need to keep library materials, computer equipment and furnishings in good condition for you and future users. Food and food residue attract rodents and insects.

Drinks in permanent, spill-proof containers such as pop-up sports bottles, reclosable coffee mugs, or plastic pop bottles with twist on-off caps are permitted while seated at study table or carrels only. Prohibited containers include aluminum cans, or paper or Styrofoam take-out cups with a plastic lid, or any permanent cup without a lid.

Drinks are not allowed near computers, audio-visual equipment, or copy machine. Do not bring drinks in any kind of container into these areas.

Health Sciences Library staff wants to provide you with the best possible service in comfortable surroundings. Enforcing the policy takes staff time away form their work - providing service to you!

Purchasing Books by Patrons through the library
10% discount with no shipping and handling charges is provided to patrons, who request to buy medical books through the Library from Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc. Contact Rittenhouse web site for the author, title, ISBN, cost information, and availability of the book(s). The patron should fill out a request form and provide a check for the exact cost of book(s). If there any misunderstandings, the patron should contact the distributor directly.

Affiliated Libraries
The Medical Research Library at SUNY Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn.

METRO referral card is provided to patrons who need access to medical libraries, which are not open to the public.



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