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Jeffrey Lucido, D.P.M., Director of Podiatric Medical Education

The Podiatric residency program at Lutheran Medical Center is one of the most challenging and rewarding podiatric educational experiences available, designed to produce broadly trained podiatric physicians for the 21st century. With an extensive research department, library with full Internet access and a staff of clinicians with years of experience, Lutheran Medical Center strives to provide each of our residents with excellent diagnostic skills; exposure to all types of trauma; the ability to manage a spectrum of podiatric medical problems including diabetes, vascular insufficiencies and wound care; and a thorough involvement in scholarship and research.

Developing compassionate interpersonal communication and counseling skills in our residents is a priority for Lutheran, as is a commitment to improve the quality of life for our patients. Podiatric residents are exposed to and treat a diverse spectrum of pathologies, benefiting from the resources of the medical center's excellent facilities including an extremely active podiatric clinic, an ambulatory surgical suite, and a Level One Trauma Center. Graduates are provided with all the skills necessary to become knowledgeable, respected and dedicated podiatric physicians.

The Podiatric residency program at Lutheran Medical Center is progressive. Each year the number of elective and emergent surgical cases increases in frequency and number resulting in an average surgical resident load of 500 procedures annually. The clinic is also expanding, having recently added a specialized clinic that deals with diabetic wound care.



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