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Read the Proceedings of the 2010 Research Fair

Since 1997, the Clinical Research Office has hosted an annual research fair with the primary goal of helping medical providers become better problem solvers and thinking clinicians. The ability to logically work through and solve clinical problems is one of the most important and exciting aspects of being a medical provider. Secondarily, it affords residents an opportunity to learn the skills needed to present their research and ideas at regional and national meetings.
The time and effort toward research by Lutheran HealthCare's residents, faculty, medical students, and staff continues to expand each year, and the studies presented become ever more refined and robust. Each year, the fair's Proceedings is published, encapsulating the efforts in research for that academic year. Since inception, the research fair has grown to include approximately 10 podium presentations and 40 posters per year, with more than 200 attendees and participants. The fair qualifies for continuing medical education credits toward the American Medical Association Physicians Recognition Award. 
Through activities such as the research fair, the Clinical Research Office is committed to providing continual support and instruction to further the stimulating tradition of research at Lutheran HealthCare. It furthers the understanding of health as a function of the whole person and the whole community while carrying out research and applying research in clinical situations.

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