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Subheading Caring For Health: Our Shared Endeavor

"Caring for Health" is the eighth social statement produced by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and was adopted on August 15, 2003.

General Principles

  • Central Vision: Health is central to our well-being and vital to relationships, family, work, and community. Thus, our common effort to provide access to health care is a matter of social justice for all people.
  • The Health Care Crisis: Health care is not a commodity. It is a shared endeavor and is limited in its resources and possibilities. A confluence of factors is prolonging the crisis in health care: complexity, financing, competition, staffing, and regulations.
  • The Role of Health Care Professionals: We must treat whole persons, not just sites of disease. This includes pastoral/spiritual care, as well as medical and psychological care at all levels. 
  • Theological Foundations: The ideas in "Caring for Health" reflect a Lutheran expression of Christian theology and ethics, but are compatible with all major faith traditions, and are grounded in the freedom and dignity of all human beings. "Caring for Health" affirms the diversity of our community and the value of its many religious and spiritual traditions.

Caring for Health Quality and Research Award

A panel composed of a physician, nurse, chaplain, researcher, and Lutheran HealthCare board member selects three research or quality projects that best exemplify the ideas set forth in the principles of "Caring for Health". The winner presents from the podium at the research fair. These awards emphasize the importance Lutheran Medical Center places on care for the whole person and whole community.

Previous winning research topics include the use of acupuncture in labor and delivery, access to care, multiethnic health outcomes, and palliative care.

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